I see my art as a metaphor for life for death for the human condition. I decided to collaborate with Julie Nioche because she perceives movement the same way. Duo chromatic visual texture of the project communicates the story about human quest for meaning internal beauty liberation and spiritual rebirth. We tried to explore dramatic adventure of human beings susceptible to darker pressures of physical and metaphysical ecology. We tried to embrace full dimensionality of water as a metaphor of vitalization and cleansing and explored redemptive power of pain and suffering. In the final scene we see women stripped of clothes emblematizing tangible and intangible constraints we see them reduced to flesh yet liberated in it and reborn. 

Costumes: Nino Chubinishvili a.k.a CHUBIKA
Conception: Julie Nioche
Interpretation: Mia Habib, Rani Nair, Julie Nioche, Bouchra Ouizguen
Scenographic: Virginie Mira
Music: Alexandre Meyer
Paris, France, 2008

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