My conceptualized artistic narrative is created as a result of designer client dialectics. And is intended to be a medium enabling buyer to live the question, embrace mystery and transmit messages about their unique identity.

I aspire to provide my clients with ready answers. I want them to be game players, who in the process of searching for resolutions transmute into creative thinkers; children, playing with an artist, thus engaging them in a vibrant artistic ritual.

I am against passive consumption of my objects of art and design, therefore I want to communicate and exchange artistic stories via transmitting spiritual ideas at subconscious level - as secret and sacred message can be more revealing then just formulating the concept. The central idea of my artistic vision is to transform the osmosis of architecture, sculpture and design into beautiful objects and convey profound ideas in a simple accessible way. For example… black face represents powerful protection from evil, and white face is - purity.

Currently I am at the juncture where art and fashion converge, where deep artistic ideas can be transmitted via objects like Ipad bag, bracelets, necklaces, wallets, handbags, belts.

These items are supposed to be visual metaphors of our collective unconsciously linked to mythological archetypes, which help us navigate between ideal and real, and embrace the hypnotism of mystery. Artists don’t just make art, they generate and maintain myths. Thus, archaic gods and goddesses can be crystallized into modern objects and serve as protectors, just like chimeras patronizing Notre Dame de Paris.

Convincing artists are always protagonists’ never secondary characters who inhabit stereotypes. However, I want my buyer to actively participate in a creative process, impact my decisions and transmit personality enhancing messages. Establishing this kind of reciprocity will help me to transport buyers somewhere free from domination of uniformity and banality.

For me it is important to create a moment, a message, which is absorbed subliminally by those who discover it, understand it and make it present. When that moment really happens, everlasting connection takes place between me and a buyer.

Nino Chubinishvili a.k.a. CHUBIKA


2014 -  National Museum Exhibition; Participation in the exhibition RE MUSEUM
2014 -  3D Leathered Sculptures; 2 sculptures in leather are temporarily placed in National Museum of Georgia 
2014 -  Exhibition "Tavidan", Dusseldorf; Participating in the exhibition "Tavidan" with curatorship of Vato Cereteli
2014 -  Avignion Festival; Participating in Avignion Festival with dance performance "Matter", designing costumes for this performance, choreographer Julie Nioche
2013 -  Chubika For Cardin; Personal Exhibition in Writers House, sponsored by Societe Generale, Tbilisi, Georgia
2013 -  Shadow Exhibition Performance in Artarea building, Tbilisi, Georgia
2012 -  "Tampopo"; Costume Design for play "Tampopo" with Nino Ananiashvili 
2012 -  Concept and design for exhibition of Nino Ananiashvili in collaboration with Tamuna Karumidze and David Giorgadze
2011 -  Tbilisi Fashion Week; Performance "Wardrobes", Live with Tusia Beridze and Nick Machaidze 
2010 -  Exhibition of Georgian Theatre, Georgian stage designers of 20th and 21st centuries 
2010 -  Espace Pierre Cardin Georgian Theatre design participant, Paris 
2010 -  Tbilisi Fashion Week; Show with Tba Tusia Beridze and Nick Machaidze
2009 -  "Born in Georgia" Cobra Museum Amsterdam Participation in the exhibition 
2008 -  "I share my breath with you" Animation "I share my breath with you" Artisterium, Tbilisi, Georgia 
2008 -  "Mistake by Chubika" Collection Show, Home Show
2007 -  "Two Angels" Participation in the exhibition "Dysfashional", Luxemburg 
2007 -  "Four Girls Matter", in collaboration with Julie Nioche, Paris Costume design for the dance performance
2007 -  "White Angels" Sculptured performance, Tbilisi, Georgia 
2007 -  "Public Library" Performance "Public Library", Tbilisi, Georgia
2005 -  Personal Sculptural Show "Angels" Black Sea Side, Batumi, Georgia 
2003 -  Costume Design for the play dedicated to Georgian composer Gia Kancheli, Tbilisi State National Opera
2002 -  "Russian Silhouette" Collection presented in Monte-Carlo 
2001 -  Grand Prix, the international Fashion Contest "Russian Silhouette", Moscow 
2000 -  Kenzo internship Women's wear, collaboration on spring-summer collection (2 months), Paris, France 
1999 -  Personal Fashion Show; During the International Fashion Festival "Subtropic", Batumi, Georgia 
1999 -  Personal Fashion Show; "Lines" Sheraton Metechi Palace, Tbilisi, Georgia
1998 -  "Rice Letter"; The contest of young photographers, 3D Price, "Rice Letter" project, Tbilisi, Georgia 
1998 -  Member of a group "Goslab" Music, video, design, computer graphics, till 2005
1998 -  Personal Fashion Show "Airlines" National Museum, Tbilisi
1996 -  "Dead Army" First International Avant-garde Fashion Show "Dead Army" 
1996 -  Play "Sapovnela" Assistant of stage and costume designer for the Marjanishvili State Theater, Tbilisi, Georgia
1995 -  "Marat Sade"  by Peter Weies Stage and Costume design for the play, Rustaveli State Theater, Tbilisi, Georgia. Director David Doiashvili 
1991 -  Play "No exit" Stage and costume design for the, Rustaveli State Theater, Tbilisi, Georgia. In collaboration with Levan Kacharava, Director Giorgi Shengelaia 


2005-2006 - International Fashion Design Post-Graduate Program / Institute Francais de la Mode, Paris, France
1996 - Stage and Costume Design Degree, Academy of Fine Arts, Tbilisi, Georgia
1985 - High School Degree, Tbilisi, Georgia.

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