Conceptually ''Silver Prince'' belongs to uncategorizable neverland between children's fairy tale and philosophical fable for adults, it is a mono myth about a boy transforming into a man yet retaining a child inside him. It is a story of a boy who channels the medieval spirit of chivalry and exudes smooth strength and reliability that has nothing to do with gravitas of maturity or self-assertion instead it is driven by quiet most profound form of shared humanity love and candor, my silver prince can work miracles that can alter nothing visible yet they can transmute everything to its very substance. 

Design , Installation Sculpture Nino Chubinishvili a.k.a. chubika
Camera: Levan Maisuradze
Sound: TBA Natalie Beridze
Short film by Tamuna Karumidze
Qurator: Vakhtang Tsereteli 
Work in silver Vahtang Bochorishvili
Georgian National Gallery, Tbilisi, Georgia, 2014

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