Chubika with rooms - The black smoked vase and chair was created as a result of an interesting collaboration with the leading furniture and design company rooms based in Georgia. The item shows the intention to harmonize the beautiful and the functional. I have always viewed myths as powerful metaphors for transcendence and an expression of the universal desire for liberation from the constraints of human condition. Myths are a gateway that takes us beyond our earthly experience and helps us create common symbolic language between an artist and a spectator. In 2005 my ideas crystallized into vivid images of angels and mythological characters, to intensify reinforce these images I came up to the idea of using molded leather. This unique technique allowed me to effectively exploit visual possibilities of the material which can generate powerful emotional and aesthetic force. since then molded leather sculptures have become my artistic signature that appear on such diverse items as dresses bags cuffs furniture.
Tbilisi, Georgia, 2012


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