Georgia at That time was a dystopian, amorphous unstructured place trying to rewrite its DNA code. However here is the true secret of life, paradoxically it was the chaos that stimulated to unleash huge potential and provided glorious messiness of human experience, I strongly believe that the most magical moments happen when life shakes free of the confining exoskeleton of systems and structures. This idea is the heart of my vision that transmogrified into 1998 collection.

Design, performance by  Nino Chubinishvili a.k.a CHUBIKA
Photo & Camera: Giorgi Sumbadze
Video instalation Koka Ramishvili
Music Nika Machaidze
Conceptual work: Oleg Timchenko
Film by Nika Machaidze
National gallery, Tbilisi, Georgia 1998 

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