Kibekaba is a result of a deep and comprehensive research like each and every dress I make. We think in metaphors-they are our bridge of meaning between familiar and unfamiliar tangible and intangible. I have always been fascinated by visual storytelling about life death and rhythms of life. over and over again exploring the idea that every end makes a new beginning possible led me bringing mythological ritualistic and symbolic imagery into one dress Kibekaba consisting of seven steps.
I chose 7 as this number emblematizes completeness and divine perfection. The concept of stairs is one of the most powerful and evocative symbols denoting dramatic human adventure which implies ascend advancement on the one hand and descend fall on the other.

Costume by Nino Chubinishvili a.k.a CHUBIKA
Photo: Marika Asatiani
Model: Nino Koridze
Tbilisi, Georgia 2007


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