We find the quality that we call beauty not in the things itself but in the patterns of shadows -the light and that one thing creates against another is the central idea of the project and conceptual sensibility of life itself. Without shadows we might not appreciate or even notice the radiance. I am fascinated by well-placed darkness; its magic is multi-sensory amplified by mystery. I started to play with the dichotomous concept of shadows and lights and it seems to me that I gradually came up to the electric array of facets layers and nuances of human character operating on a kaleidoscopic principle of multiple reflections . As not all the aspect of our existence are realized simultaneously, without seeing the whole picture context and the complexity of human spirit we may indulge in a dramatic illusion that something can happen by chance, impromptu emerge from nothing... Darkness. 

Instalation and Visual by Nino Chubinishvili a.k.a CHUBIKA
Music by Tete Noise
Camera: Goga Devdariani
Film by Tamuna Karumidze
ARTAREA TV - Tbilisi, Georgia, 2013  

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